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For years I’ve resisted ASP.Net MVC and WebAPI.  I am (slowly) coming around to the popular opinion that they are a good technologies, but only when applied to the appropriate tasks.  I’m also working with Single Page Applications using Knockout JS.  I’m having a bit more trouble moving to the dark side on that one.  My complaints and concerns about JavaScript-heavy applications are being somewhat justified by my experiences thus far.

My tasks thus far have been very entertaining.  I’ve written a database driven rules engine that compiles rules to CLR code via the Code DOM.  I’ve built pages for our SPA, a task that has taught me a lot about ASP.Net MVC.  Most recently I’ve been working on how to improve performance of the SPA by (gasp) moving code out of the JavaScript and back into the server.  Not only that, but we’re moving the AJAX calls from MVC controllers to WebAPI.  I’ll be posting another article soon about why you should avoid MVC controllers for AJAX when using JSON to pass around the data.

So I’m very much enjoying my new job.  I’m loving having a team of people to work with that can related to my daily challenges, and it’s been refreshing to work for a manager that isolates us from the office politics and allows us to do our work!