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The Hayes Modem Emulator for Windows


TcpSerSharp Releases

Source Code:


TcpSerSharp is a port of Jim Brain’s TCPSER4J which is a java implementation of the TCPSER application for GNU/Linux.

TcpSerSharp is capable of being installed and run as a Windows Service which can autostart with the system, allowing the modem emulation to always be available without any manual intervention.

Current TcpSerSharp is in Beta testing.  Please use the discussion board on GitHub to communicate about the project.


Beta 3 Update!

What’s New

  • Added support for outbound connections via rs232 ports.  This means you can use any software that talks to a modem with TcpSerSharp.
    • To use a COM port in Windows, you will need to set up an RS232 modem in TcpSerSharp, and then assign it to an UNUSED virtual com port.  You can use com0com to set up a pair of linked COM ports.  In the software that requires a COM port, assign it the first port of the com0com pair, then assign the other to TcpSerSharp.


Beta 2 Update!

What’s New

  • Added User Interface to the Setup
  • Added GPLv3 license
  • Fixed phonebook support for the D command.
  • Moved config.xml to ProgramData so that users can edit the config file more easily. If the config.xml file is not found at the expected location, it is read from the Program Files folder.