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INTRODUCTION: There are a lot of reasons to use real apps on the desktop:

  • Chrome can use over 1GB of RAM and runs continuously.  Universal apps typically do not.
  • Over 70% of the web is written in PHP.  Of those, 81% are vulnerable to attack.  Universal apps are almost impossible to attack without physical access to your desktop.
  • Tabbed browsers are like poor window managers trying to co-opt good window managers.
  • Universal apps don’t need a bloated javascript engine to get 1/10th of the performance of compiled code.

CONCLUSION:  For many applications, the web is the way to go.  Think corporate presence, branding, publishing, etc.  Written in a responsible manner these can be good netizens.  We’ve already seen in the phone segment that people prefer apps that are tailored to their application, not just another bootstrap website running in a browser that depends on a far-away server for everything.  It’s time for a Desktop Renaissance and Universal Apps can get us there.